Our Advantage
So why choose ESB It's simple. We provide the most cost-effective electronics manufacturing solutions available while adhering to the highest standards of service, delivery, and quality. ESB strives to establish strong relationships with clients and collaborate with them to drill down on the best manufacturing solution. We constantly try to think of ways to minimize production costs and pass it on to you.With ESB, your success is our success.

Significant Cost Reduction. By utilizing overseas production facilities, ESB is capable of bringing down manufacturing costs by as much as 50%. Most components offered in the domestic market are made overseas and imported, resulting to high markup prices on account of freight, duty and marketing costs. By purchasing components directly from manufacturers abroad, we further reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating importation expenses.

Flexible and Accountable. ESB's breadth and depth of services give customers true end-to-end solutions that adjust to their specific requirements. Our broad expertise in contract manufacturing means unparalleled flexibility in meeting customer demands.

Uncompromised Quality. ESB uses ISO-9001 certified assemblers and resident office staff inspectors at most of our sites. If a problem should arise with a product, we will have it reworked at our expense. Quality is our number one priority.

ESB... combining US-based customer service and Asian assembly and procurement for cost-competitive electronics manufacturing while maintaining high levels of service and quality.